Get Dirty with Jonathan!

Jonathan who, you ask? Well, I am speaking of none other than famed hair stylist Jonathan Antin - sexy thing that he is!

He has a great new kit for the gals who like their hair to look like second day hair on the first day. This would probably be me! My hair is very fine and thin and I really need to wash it everyday, or it becomes limp, lifeless and too weighed down. I do notice, though, that more times than not, my hair looks pretty darn good on the second day after washing - if I could only get it to stay that way throughout the day.

The Get Dirty kit includes not only the best-selling Dirt Texturizing Paste that the whole kit was based upon, but it also contains the new Spray Dirt Texture Hold Hairspray and the new Detox Dirt Clarifying Shampoo. (Where is the conditioner?)

At $30, this kit looks to be a winner. Let me know if you have tried it yet, as I can't wait to give it a try once I get my Sephora order together. Also, let me know how you prefer your hair - on the day of washing or the day after?