Pick of the Day - Lab Series for Men Maximum Comfort Shave Cream.

My Father will be 70 years old this year, and I cannot count the stories he has told me about his shaving woes. He has very sensitive and dry, aging skin, so finding the perfect fit for his daily shaving ritual has been far from easy. Whenever presented with an opportunity to try shave gels, creams and lotions, I always give them to Dad for testing. He said he will no longer need to test any other type of shave product anymore as he claims that Lab Series Maximum Comfort Shave Cream is the best there is - and ever will be.

"This pain-saving shave formula for sensitive skin and frequent shavers softens and preps the beard to prevent irritation and redness. It softens even the toughest beards and contains benzocaine to condition and comfort and aloe and caffeine to reduce irritation and promote renewal. Fragrance-free. Oil-free. Great for sensitive skin."

He applies the thick cream from the jar with a shave brush I bough him from Art of Shaving, because I have not found one available from Lab Series, which is sort of really odd. With all of their phenomenal shaving products, you would think a shaving brush would go hand in hand. Anyway, my Father cannot tell me enough how much he loves this cream and he urged me to give it the honor of Pick of the Day.

In his words, "It is the best shave I have ever had.".

$22 Lab Series For Men Maximum Comfort Shave Cream