The Latest from Borghese: Tinted Lip Plumper.

Labbro Più Paffuto, lip plumping sensation from Borghese is back with a brand new tinted version, Tinted Lip Plumper. Being a fan of the original Lip Plumper which is clear, I cannot wait to get the new tinted version on my lips.

This lip-enhancing and instant plumping comes from a concentrated technologically advanced formula that not only adds color, but it gently plumps lips instantly while helping them look better. Lips almost immediately look and feel fuller and smoother as the dehydrated vegetal protein micro-particles penetrate the lips where it plumps with the lips’ natural hydration. It does this with only a very mild tingle, no burning or stinging that makes lips uncomfortable and red.

The shades look gorgeous, don't they? Select from Rosa Naturale, Flamingo Gold, and Charme Naturale.

Labbro Più Paffuto is available now for $31.50 at and Borghese counters nationwide.