Have a Wonderful Sun-Safe Weekend!

I have had a horrendous week and I cannot believe I did not have a chance to get much posted at all. I am so sorry about this. I usually have posts in queue in case something like this past week happens, but I guess it goes to show just how busy I have been that I had nothing prepared when life threw us a little curve.

Alas, it is the weekend. A long weekend for most of us. The first "unofficial" weekend of summer. As we  all prepare to head outside more and more, I thought it was appropriate to send out another little reminder on how important sunscreen is.

You need to use sunscreen. Daily. I know it is hard and I admit I don't use it everyday except for on my face. But in the spring and summer when I plan on spending alot of time outside, I do use it and apply it before getting dressed. Not only does wearing sunscreen help prevent skin cancer, it protects you from the rays that make you look older, faster. If that is not reason enough, than I don't know what is.

Sun and Sunscreen tips:

  • Use a sunscreen that is factor 15 or over for adequate protection from UV.
  • Reapply sunscreen throughout the day.
  • Go into the shade between 12 noon and 3pm, as this is when the sun is at it's most damaging.
  • Don't binge tan (sunbathing for intense periods). A tan will build up gradually through normal sun exposure.
  • Don't intentionally try to get burnt - a lot of young people believe that burning = tanning. But sunburn is not necessary for your skin to get a tan.

Here is a look back at some of my favorite sunscreen, after-sun products and the healthy alternatives of self-tanner:

My everyday sunscreen of choice

Just in case you get burned

Repair and soothe

One of my favorite self-tanning lines

Look like you spent the weekend in the Mediterranean

Enjoy the weekend!