T3 Evolution Hair Dryer for $204 - TODAY ONLY on QVC.

If it seems like a splurge, it just may be. But considering that this splurge will save you $95, it is also a great deal that is just too good to pass up.

TODAY ONLY on QVC, as it is a Today's Special Value, the highly acclaimed T3 Evolution Hair Dryer is available for $204 - or three easy payments of $68.00

Take note of the blow dryer your stylist uses. It is most likely a T3. And the cream of the crop stylists use this newer version, the Evolution.

Our fastest, most powerful hair dryer, the Evolution offers two speeds, three heat settings, and a cool shot. Equipped with T3's patented Tourmaline infusion process to control frizz, improve shine, and seal in moisture, this dryer leaves hair smooth and silky.

In watching the premiers of this T3 on QVC at midnight, I was amazed at not only the end results of a simple blow-dry, but with the insanely low drying and styling time while using this hair dryer. That is what got me. It takes me 10 - 12 minutes to blow-dry my hair. If I could cut that time in half, it would be worth it's wait in - gold, or yeah - tourmaline. I am so considering this investment.

The t3 Boost Serum is an added bonus with this TSV as well, which isn additional $28 value. Gosh, I want this! Visit QVC.com for all the amazing details.