Avon ULTRA COLOR RICH Extra Plump Lipstick.

That's a mouthful, isn't it? But the title holds true. This is a lipstick, from Avon, it is ultra rich in color, and it has the extra benefit of plumping.

In all honesty though, this revolutionary lipstick delivers a beautiful color you will love, along with the plumpness you crave. You see, the magic lies in the center core of the lipstick itself. Notice the white center in the image below. This core is packed with plumping power along with intensely hydrating moisturizers.

It works with the Vita-Plump Complex to boost collagen as it increases circulation and saturates lips with moisturizing color. To let you know it is working, your lips will tingle, but just a bit. It tastes a bit like mint and just feels a bit cold like menthol.

Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick is available in ten beautiful shades:

  • Apricot Shimmer
  • Pink Sunset
  • Blond Ambition
  • Plump Pink
  • Caramel Mauve
  • Rosewood
  • Coco Plump
  • Starlet Red
  • Deep Blush
  • Winerose

I have been rocking Plump Pink, which is the perfect pink shade for summer.

Each shade is $8 and is available through Avon representatives or online at avon.com.