Save $30 on 8 of the Hottest Beauty Products!

You have heard me go on and on about Beautyfix, now is the time to get yours at an INCREDIBLE deal! Yes, right now you can try 8 of the best performing beauty products of this season for ONLY $19.99. The usual price is $49.99, so obviously this is a great savings to get you started enjoying this quarterly subscription program.

This season’s Beautyfix includes:

• 3LAB – “M” Cream (Deluxe Travel-sized)
• Bella Bronze– Olive Oil & Shea Butter Tan Extender OR
• Bella Bronze– Golden Chamomile & Goats Milk Self-Tanner* (Full-sized)
• Exuviance – Rejuvenating Treatment Masque (Full-sized)
• Kerstin Florian – Aromatherapy Neroli Water (Deluxe Travel-sized)
• Global Goddess – iDivine Eyeshadow (Full-sized)
• Glowelle – 7-Day Powder Stick Pack Kit (Full-sized)
• Jonathan Product – Finish Control (Full-sized)
• Lisa Hoffman Beauty – Vitamin A & C Serum (Deluxe Travel-sized)

I have reviewed many of the products in this edition, so in case you have forgotten, here they are again:

Global Goddess Eyeshadow

3LAB "M" Cream

Lisa Hoffman Vitamin A & C Serum

Exuviance Rejuvenating Treatment Masque

Bella Bronze

Jonathan Product Finish Control

Now, I do not know how long this offer is going to last, and I do know that it is almost time for Beautyfix 3 to arrive, so take my suggestion and scoop this up with the $30 savings now!