Do You Pre-Poo?

What is a pre-poo? Well, I say pre-poo as it is a cute shortened term for pre-shampoo. You have heard of pre-shampoo, haven't you? I have, but honestly not that often. Until recently, I never used one either. 

So, what is a pre-shampoo? A pre-shampoo is a mask or oil that you apply prior to shampoo-ing. Some people use them as an alternative to deep conditioning treatments by leaving it in for hours, but always prior to shampoo-ing. Some pre-poo's are simply used on dry hair a few minutes before a shampoo. Using them either way is not wrong, it just depends on the actual product and the need of your hair.

I finally have succumbed to the pre-shampoo ritual, like I have said. I could not be more thrilled with the results and am so happy to have found this amazing pre-shampoo treatment from Leonor Greyl called Huile de Palme.

This beauty will become a regular part of my hair-care routine. Why? This rich treatment with botanical oils smells divine and works to repair my hair. My color looks more vibrant. My hair is much more soft and manageable. The ends of my hair are not frayed all over the place. Huile de Palme is also a protectant. It almost seals in the oils (though you would not know it as hair it not weighed down after using and rinsing out) to protect it from the harsh effects of the sun and the rest of summer fun. Chlorine and salt water are no match for the formula as hair is protected while using.

All I use is about a dime sized amount on my dry hair for a few minutes before I get in the shower to shampoo. This is a product I would probably use once or twice a week depending on my hairs condition at the time. Someone with extremely dry and damaged hair might want to use it every other wash to keep hair in tip top shape.

Huile de Palme is a pre-poo you will want to check out. Like I said, this pre-shampoo is now a part of my regular hair care routine. I can't wait to sit by the pool with it in my hair all day for an extra special treatment too. I hear all the lovely women of St. Tropez walk around with this in their hair while beaching it. That is pretty much a testimonial for me.