Advanced Night Repair Fun Facts.

Since mentioning the launch of Estee Lauder's latest addition to their Advanced Night Repair line up with the Synchronized Recovery Complex, I have had a lot of questions.

In searching for many of the answers I did not have on my own, Estee Lauder helped me answer them all. Thank you to EL! While sending over some answers, they also sent me some great fun facts about this product, which makes the evolution of the entire line and the little brown bottle even more fascinating to me. 

This world-renowned and highly coveted little brown bottle of Advanced Night Repair (ANR) is a
product that can boast many firsts:


The launch of Night Repair created the night time "Repair" skin care category in 1982. The original patent was purchased for $10.


A light-weight product such as this "serum" was not typical for its time.


The bottle was designed to look similar to the shape of old-fashioned pharmacy bottles to reinforce the product's serious skin care sentiment. The brown bottle coloring was used to help protect ingredients from light.


Mrs. Estée Lauder was a pioneer with the use of this ingredient. The Estée Lauder brand was the first to discover the ingredient's benefits and was also the only beauty company that could afford to purchase it at that time.

More Fun Facts:

In one year, Estée Lauder sold 1,629,199 bottles of ANR serum globally. This equals approximately:

  • 4,464 bottles per day
  • 186 bottles per hour
  • 3 bottles per minute

Someone, somewhere around the world is always buying one of the Advanced Night Repair line of
products. If sales of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Recovery Complex, Advanced Night
Repair Concentrate Recovery Boosting Treatment, and Advanced Night Repair Whitening Recovery
Complex are added to the number of bottles of ANR serum sold each year, the total number of ANR
products sold each year climbs to a massive 3,006,095 million products!

This equals approximately:

  • 8,236 bottles per day
  • 343 bottles per hour
  • 5.7 bottles every minute!

How fun! Make you want to buy now even more, doesn't it?