All About the Eyes: MAKE UP FOR EVER Waterproof.

I use waterproof products more in the summer-time than any other time of the year. I cannot tell you how many I have tried with sub-par results. Of course, I point out the ones I really like, and another few that are on the top of my list are these from MAKE UP FOR EVER and their Aqua Collection.

Aqua Smoky Lash - This is a gentle, waterproof formula that lasts until you take it off with eye makeup remover. The lashes you get while using this mascara are amazing. If you crave a  long, thick, fake eyelash look, this one could be for you.

Deep black Micronized Iron Oxide Mineral Pigments coat the eyelash with tiny micro-particles that fully coat each lash with more opaque color. Special Nylon Fibers loaded into the formula to add volume and length to eyelashes. Film-forming Polymers create the waterproof coating. The unique brush utilizes revolutionary new material for the bristles called Thermoplastic Elastomer Fibers which are combined with standard fibers in a spiral formation to penetrate the lashes from root to tip, providing exceptional volume and separation to each lash.

Aqua Black - For the ultimate smudged, smoky eye look that needs to last, try this long-lasting waterproof creamy shadow. If love using this as an eyeliner and then "smudge it out" with my pinky finger. The look is sophisticated, ye not overdone for the summer.

Extremely fine and deep black Micronized Iron Oxide Mineral Pigments create an opaque black when smudged on eyelids. Evaporating Silicon Oils set the pigments on skin and then evaporate for superior hold. Silicon Resin creates extreme water resistance.

Both of these waterproof wonders are avaialble exclusively at Sephora.