Aloe Fresh: Fresh and Fun All in One.

Don't you just hate it when your heavier winter creams are just too thick and sticky for use in the summer? I know it is one thing that I cannot stand in the heat.

While I have been enjoying my Bliss Body Butter Lite, I have also come upon another line that I am currently using. These products leave my skin hydrated, in a lighter way, with a fresh scent and no stickiness. I bet you won't believe this, but it is from Vaseline. And it can be found right at your drugstore.

Meet Vaseline Aloe Fresh.

There are three products in the line-up, and they are all currently in my skin care routine.

Aloe Fresh Hydrating Lotion - $2.99
This is a fast-absorbing and non-sticky everyday lotion to moisturize skin, leaving it feeling cool and fresh. This is perfect for nighttime use, right before bed.

Aloe Fresh Protecting Lotion with SPF - $5.49
Another must-have, this one is perfect to be used in the morning, as it contains a lightweight formula with an SPF15 to help protect skin from the sun's rays.

Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Gel - $5.49
This is such a unique item, and it is probably my favorite of the bunch. You know those thick sticky, cooling aloe vera gels that instantly cool a sunburn? This is similar as it is an aloe-based gel. But this is a very lightweight formula that absorbs into skin leaving it feel cool, calm and most importantly hydrated. I love using this after I get out of the pool during the day. It takes a good minute or so to fully absorb into skin and become fully dry, but it is never sticky. Very fresh and fun, all in one.

You will be surely impressed, for such a reasonable price, I am sure.