All About the Eyes: RIMMEL Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara.

There are those times when we absolutely need to pull out all the stops at the beach or by the pool. You know, when you need to look extra "hot" without looking like you have tried too hard. Obviously, no ordinary waterproof mascara will do. Next time you are faced with such a fete, give this new mascara a try: RIMMEL Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara.

Sexy Curves is just that. First it is waterproof. Next, it does not compromise in the volume or curl department. This formula plumps up the lashes with an effective, gentle, easy to remove formula, that stays put.

Check out the unique brush in the photo above. That hourglass shape. RIMMEL calls it their full-figured Triple Plump Brush - love it. Notice how it curves in to "capture" mascara for maximum lash loading and curving out. The brush uniquely helps to curl the lashes and de-clump at the same time.

I could tell you all about the fancy "aquatrap system" and how the formula is enriched with such great vitamins as B & E, but I won't bore you with the science. More important is the fact that this mascara works. It holds up all day, in and out of the pool and out on the boat where I tested it. I got splashed all day and not a smudge or smear was in sight. The only thing seen were really long, full, curvaceous lashes. I also noticed that it never felt hard or brittle at all and was easy to remove with my regular eye makeup remover (Bi-Facil).

Sexy Curves comes in the color Black only. It is readily available now for just $7.49 at chain drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.