All About the Eyes: H2O Plus Sea Results Instant Power Patches.

When it comes to a deep treatment for the eyes, I find myself turning more and more to eye patches. You can't beat them for the powerful treatment they give. Plus a few minutes relaxing while working on the eye area is a welcome treat.

My latest eye patch discovery is from H2O Plus, and these are their Sea Results Instant Power Patches.


These patches deliver moisture and hydration through the skin and immediately plump up fine lines and wrinkles, making them barely visible. Embedded in each patch is H2O Plus' anti-aging hydrogel formula, which penetrates deep into the skin's layers using a gentle surge of energy.

Have you hear of micro-currents? Well, these technologically advanced patches use just that to deliver the results, quickly and effectively.

To use,  all I do is apply the patch around my eye area and relax with them on for about 20 minutes. After I take them off, my skin is so much more soft and hydrated, and like I said, fine lines are visibly dimished as they are plumped up with hydration.

A box of the Sea Results Instant Power Patches contains 6 treatments total, and I only use them every two weeks or so, or whenever I need an extra added boost to my eye area. The box sells for $72 and is available at H2O Plus stores nationwide, as well as online at their website.