6 Beauty Products You Need to Survive a Summer Concert

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This summer has been hot. Surviving a summer day in the heat and humidity is a challenge in itself. Surviving a summer concert while trying to look cute and singing and dancing at a concert is another thing. 

I went to see Lady Antebellum & Darius Rucker on Saturday night at an outdoor venue and it was a challenge to look stylish and stay cool in the heat and oppressive humidity. I thought I'd share a few tips and the 6 products I used to get ready for the night.

1. Makeup Primer
Makeup primer is basically an everyday must for me, but when heading out for an event like a concert in the summer heat, it is a definite first step. Using a primer not only creates a smooth surface to apply makeup, it helps to lock it in for the duration of the evening, like a summer concert.

2. Dove Invisible Dry Spray
Well, obviously an antiperspirant is going to be one of the essentials. For me, it is no other than my very favorite Dove Invisible Dry Spray. I literally danced and sang out in the humidity and never had to worry about odor or underarm wetness.

No pit stains, either! I wore a dark-colored no sleeve dress and I didn't worry about white marks. As a matter of fact, I haven't had to worry about white marks or yellow stains since I've started using the new Dove Invisible Spray.

While sweat just *might* have been dripping from my temples, with just a few sprays of my trusty Dove Dry Spray, I never gave a second thought to the sweat protection I really needed.

I swear by this antiperspirant deodorant, and while it might not be a beauty product you want to talk about, it is a must!

3. Waterproof Mascara
I normally don't wear much mascara (I have eyelash extensions), but I do wear it on my lower lashes when I go out. I realize that not everyone wears lash extensions, so for that reason, I believe that waterproof mascara is a must when heading out for a concert in the summer. Waterproof mascara just doesn't budge when you may be getting a little misty from an emotional song or when it's imperative that your lash look looks on pointe all night long.

4. Bright or Bold Lipstick
A fun night out at a concert is not the time for that nude lip. I talk about how I am a nude or neutral lip girl often; but when I go and rock out to my favorite artists, I let that little bit of my wild child out and rock a brighter or bolder lip. Saturday night I wore one of new favorite bright pink lipsticks.

5. Makeup Setting Spray
Just as makeup primer is very important to extending or locking in a makeup look, so is makeup setting spray. There are so many great makeup setting spray options at every price point. Honestly, even though I talk about my favorite pricey version a lot, the drugstore options are basically the same and work just as well. I finished off my makeup look with a different makeup setting spray (from CVS) for the concert on Saturday, and my makeup didn't budge all night.

6. Hair Ties
If you have medium to long hair, let's be honest— you will be putting your hair up at some point in the night (if you head out to the concert with your hair down, that is.) It never fails. I start out with my hair looking great, in long beachy waves, but as soon as I start dancing and the sweat starts coming out of my head, the hair is going up! I always have a few hair coils or ties in my bag just for this purpose. 

As I seem to always be in CVS, this is where I purchased the bulk (if not all) of my products. Drugstore beauty for the win! I love shopping at CVS — super convenient. 

From now until 8/4/18, when you use your CVS Card, select Dove, Degree deodorant, dry spray or AXE dry sprays are Buy One, Get One 50% Off. It's the perfect time to stock up.

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Now that I think about it, with both of my youngest boys heading off to college in the next few weeks, I'll be stocking up on all of their favorite deodorants for the semester. Another CVS win!


Teri Cosenzi

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