Bath & Body Works Royal PocketBac and Liplicious.

Inspired by the upcoming royal nuptials, Bath & Body Works have just put out a Royal PocketBac and Liplicious collection. How cute - and affordable are these must have beauties?

The graphics alone are adorable and we know that the products are necessary. You like clean hands and soft, shiny lips, don't you?

Anti-Bacterial Pocketbac Hand Gel Sanitizers - $1.50
Inspired by the royal nuptials, these pint sized Pocketbacs offer a regal wwy to keep hands clean all day. You might not have an invite to the top-secret ceremony, but you can still celebrate with these winners. The small sizes are perfect for both princesses and princes to keep with them on the go.

3 Fun Flavors:

  • Princess in Training - Candy Apple
  • Royal Pucker - Grape Glam
  • If the Tiara Fits - Berry

Liplicious Lip Gloss - $8.00
The pout perfecter will have you lips looking princess pretty in no time. Set against a Union Jack backdrop, gorgeous graphics illustrate each Liplicious Lip Gloss title.

4 Fun Shades:

  • Royal Pucker - Dusky rose with a spicy vanilla flavor.
  • If the Tiara Fits - Sparkling gold with pineapple flavor.
  • Kissed by a Prince - Pink shade with melon flavor.
  • Princess in Training - Peachy pink shade with creamy orange flavoring.

These royal beauties are all available right now at Bath & Body Works stores or online at