InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment to the Rescue.

My daughter burned her hand last fall when she was taking something out of the over. The top of her hand touched a bake rack and a long line was seared into her skin. After some healing with antibiotic ointment from the doctor, we turned our attention to the ugly scar that was left behind.

The fine folks from InviCible Scars saw me talking about it on Twitter and sent us a bottle of their InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment to try.

At first look, this scar treatment looks like a luxury product just from the packaging. The cream itself looked like one as well. With a silky feel and mother of pearl essence about it, it glides on, almost diminishing the look of the scar upon application.

Caci continued using this treatment once or twice a day (well, as long as she remembered to use it). I can happily report that after about 4 months of pretty continued use, her scar is still there and raised a bit, but barely visible from just looking at her hand. This discoloration is basically gone, and from that we are very thankful.

InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment is made for all types of scars, not just burns. Users have seen very successful results when using it on acne scars, surgical scars and even melasma.

Created by a leading reco reconstructive leading plastic surgeon, InviCible Scar Treatment is a hypoallergenic treatment using Dual Vitamin C Complex, Dimethicone Silicone Gel and ProBiosyn-4. These ingredients are all scientifically-proven to help wound healing. To see how and why they work so well and together, check out the explanation and clinical studies on the InviCible Scars website.

InviCible Advanced Scar Treatment sells for $82.00 (even available in a three payment plan) and is available online through their website and through select Physician offices.