Beautyblender Pure.

You have read here about my love for the Beautyblender sponge. I cannot live without my little pink sponge.  Since I have started using it, it is the only way that I apply my concealer and foundation. It really gives me the most flawless look that I love. Now that there is a new sponge from Beautyblender made for applying skin care products called Beautyblender Pure, I plan on changing up the way I apply my skincare now too.

Beautyblender Pure utilizes the same innovative shape, texture and material of the famed beautyblender makeup sponge, but strips it to its core. This makes it the perfect tool for prepping skin before moving on to makeup application. 

Pure is designed to be used with moisturizers, eye treatment serums and lotions, makeup primers and makeup removers to be a truly hygienic, gentle way to ensure optimal use of the most advanced skin care products. I love the way it helps me apply my skincare products without having to use my hands. It actually is a much more clean method of applying, and I swear I use less of the products.

The best way to buy the Beautyblender Pure is to purchase the Pure Kit ($49.95).

Included in the Pure Kit is the new solid cleanser. This travel friendly alternative to the original liquid blendercleanser provides the same cleansing results and the soothing lavender fragrance for your beautyblender applicators and make up brushes. It works great and is much easier to travel with.