You're Not a Man, So Stop Shaving Like One and Use Venus Embrace.

How many times have you used a mans razor? Whether you have run out of your own razors, lost it or just think you get a better shave from using one made for men, think again. You see, Venus has been doing some research and have found that about 30% of women are actually using razors designed for men. More often than not, these women are actually grabbing men's razors because they think the men’s razor is better by giving a closer shave.

Well, they are sort of right in one respect. A better razor has five blades. Particularly, Venus Embrace has the same blades as the Gillette Fusion Power. So, if you went by the blades alone – it’s the exact same shave. But it is not the best, closest shave that you can get. You body is different. That is why Venus razors are made specifically for women and have 3 things that are designed and shaped especially to work with a women’s body.

The first thing different about the Venus Embrace razor is the cartridge. The shape is the first major difference – the oval shape helps get to those harder to reach or the more complicated shaped areas like your back of knees, bikini area, ankles and of course, the underarms.

Another difference, which I think is huge, is the addition of a larger lubrication strip. On a mens razor, there might be a thin strip, that, in my experience, is think and wears out pretty fast. The Venus Embrace razor has a much larger lubricating strip, which makes it glide over easier as it helps to soften the skin while shaving.

Finally, the razor handle of the Venus Embrace is much different. The handle is designed to ensure control and maneuverability in shape. It is also made out of materials that wont slip, which is vital because women mostly shave in the shower or tub, where it is very wet.

I urge you to stop shaving like a man this year and make the switch to Venus Embrace, the ultimate in women's razors. It is my favorite, by far. 

Look for Venus Embrace at your favorite mass retailer. The suggested retail price of the Venus Embrace shaving system, which includes the refillable razor, two cartridges, and ShowerPod is around $10.00. The refill cartridges, which come in a pack of four, retail for under $15.00. I even saw some coupons available for the Venus Embrace when shopping over at the P & G estore.  Be sure to use the code just for BeautifulMakeupSearch readers (good through January 31, 2012 or while supplies last) which is INSIDER4.

For more information on the Gillette Venus Embrace, check out Gillette Venus on Facebook