Best Bronzer: Urban Decay Baked Bronzer.

Urban Decay bronzers are of the baked variety, appropriately called Baked Bronzers.

Baked means that these powders are baked in terra-cotta pans until they achieve the perfect consistency. This one has a beautiful feel to it. It is super silky soft and blends onto skin with no streaking of pulling.  All that you get is a pretty, sunny glow. Just what I expect from a bronzer.

Baked Bronzers come in three shades; Baked, Gilded and Toasted.

This shade is Gilded, which is very golden bronze with shimmer, along with gold strewn into the formula. The result is sexy, and I love using it on my shoulders and chest for that extra special sheen.

Urban Decay Baked Bronzers sell for $26.00 each and can be purchased at Urban Decay and Sephora.