MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Line Perfector.

Gone are the days of the dark lip liner. Do you remember the late nineties when celebrities were sporting a pretty pink lip with dark brown lip liner?  Who am I kidding. I am no celebrity and I followed this crazy trend too. What were we all thinking? A lip liner should match your lipstick and become invisible.

The concept is simple really, until you start trying to find the best one in all of your lip colors. Leave it to MAKE UP FOR EVER to come up with this genius new product. It is the only lip liner that you will ever need. Really. Introducing Lip Line Perfector.

This universally flattering, colorless pencil was designed to prevent lipstick from feathering and bleeding into fine lines. Its smooth and creamy texture works to define lips and fill in lines, locking color in place and preventing it from smudging.

Lip Line Perfector is formulated with a mix of beeswax and evaporating oils that form a protective barrier to keep lipstick inside the lip line, as well as a film forming polymer which helps fix color to the lips for long lasting results. Additionally, Ceramide 3 helps to improve lips firmness and prevents moisture loss, while silicone and high molecular hyaluronic salt fill in fine lines and improve elasticity. Science marries beauty, once again.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Lip Liner Perfector retails for $18.00 at Sephora, where it is exclusively available.