Soothe Stressed Skin with LUMENE 5 Min SOS Cream.

As the seasons change and we transition to colder weather, skin can become more sensitive and easily irritated.  Mine sure has.  Between a snow storm with below freezing temperatures two weeks ago, to 70 degrees earlier this week, my skin doesn't know what to think. I have been soothing it with a great new cream designed to do just that. Introducing LUMENE Sensitive Touch 5 Min SOS Cream ($19.99).

This cream was developed to quickly relieve dry, stressed skin within 5 minutes. Rough patches are gone as this cream - which is not too thick, but hearty enough to soothe - sinks in quick and soothes my skin. It is like immediate relief - ahh.

Organic Linen Seed Extract sooths and strengthens the skin, protecting it against external irritants too.  It provides an anti-inflammatory effect, and its natural polysaccharides (yes, that is a word!) forms a microfilm onto the skin's surface that helps to prevent penetration of allergens, so skin is less irritated to begin with.  In addition to 100% Organic Linen Seed, the product contains pro-vitamin B% and a new innovative skin calming technology, tetrapeptide, to reduce irritation and strengthen skin against external irritants over times, as it is used.

I not only use this on my face, my heels and elbows are absorbing the cream and are really healing up nicely.

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Update on Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara Giveaway.

Good morning lovelies!

I have to apologize to the winners of my Lumene Blueberry Curl Mascara Giveaway. I selected the winners last weekend, but my comment system has been acting up, and I could not see your e-mail addresses. Alas, I have it working this morning and winners will be notified by e-mail this morning.

Trust me, it is worth the wait. Not only have I been using this mascara almost everyday, I am finidng it a perfect primer or base coat to others that give more volume. Blueberry Curl gives the best bend, or curl, right at the base of the lashes as it lifts the lashes and holds them in place.