Soothe Stressed Skin with LUMENE 5 Min SOS Cream.

As the seasons change and we transition to colder weather, skin can become more sensitive and easily irritated.  Mine sure has.  Between a snow storm with below freezing temperatures two weeks ago, to 70 degrees earlier this week, my skin doesn't know what to think. I have been soothing it with a great new cream designed to do just that. Introducing LUMENE Sensitive Touch 5 Min SOS Cream ($19.99).

This cream was developed to quickly relieve dry, stressed skin within 5 minutes. Rough patches are gone as this cream - which is not too thick, but hearty enough to soothe - sinks in quick and soothes my skin. It is like immediate relief - ahh.

Organic Linen Seed Extract sooths and strengthens the skin, protecting it against external irritants too.  It provides an anti-inflammatory effect, and its natural polysaccharides (yes, that is a word!) forms a microfilm onto the skin's surface that helps to prevent penetration of allergens, so skin is less irritated to begin with.  In addition to 100% Organic Linen Seed, the product contains pro-vitamin B% and a new innovative skin calming technology, tetrapeptide, to reduce irritation and strengthen skin against external irritants over times, as it is used.

I not only use this on my face, my heels and elbows are absorbing the cream and are really healing up nicely.

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