Currently Obsessed: GLO Pop.

I'm going through something. I don't know if it's my age, a mid-life crisis or if I am just looking in the mirror too often. I am noticing EVERY LITTLE THING and taking action. So far this year I have had botox, fillers, had a lot of work done on my teeth, cut my hair, died my hair lighter, died my hair darker, had face peels in amongst multiple facials -- I could go on. I have never been overly obsessed with my looks. Maybe it is the getting older thing and being obsessed with beauty and beauty treatments. One thing that I noticed lately, even after spending a lot on my teeth, is that they were just not as white and bright as they had been. When I had the opportunity to try teeth whitening breakthrough from Dr. Jonathan Levine, I jumped at the chance. I recently put his 10-day GLO Pop Daily Teeth Whitening Kit to the test, and seeing as my friends have noticed a difference, I would say that it was a success.

GLO Pop Daily Teeth Whitening Kit

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Protect Your Smile with Infinitely White.

You spend time trying to look your best. From hair and makeup to perfecting your smile. Picking out the right  shade of lipstick to spending years in braces and all that teeth whitening to get a healthy, beautiful smile. But did you know that doing some regular daily activities like eating some of your favorite food, drinking wine, coffee and tea stain your teeth? It's simple to protect your teeth and it's actually a must! I've been protecting mine with Infinitely White.

Infinitely White

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Smile Pretty for the Holidays.

You know you will be going to parties, seeing old friends and family and posing (usually un-willingly) for pictures throughout the next few weeks. Of course you want your smile looking its best, all bright and white.  It is not to late to get that beautiful smile at home before the holidays.

Over in my gift guide, I mentioned two different whitening products. One was the GO SMILE On the Go Teeth Whitening Pen for quick touch-ups and another was the great tooth whitening system with light LUSTER 1-Hour White Tooth Whitening System. They both are different and both work great.  But there is another system that I want to tell you about that is probably the easiest, most effective (not to mention the most affordable) system I have recently tried. It is the Prime Time Smile Teeth Whitening System ($29.98), available exclusively at Walmart. Yes, Walmart!


It is simple.  The product contains two pens that you brush on your teeth, just once a day, for five days, and teeth are whitened up to six shades.

You see, by providing two powerful formulas in separate brush-tip pens, this dual-action teeth whitening system is able to combine ingredients that previously couldn’t be used together to whiten teeth.

Step 1:
Pre-Treatment, protects the teeth and coats them with effective yet gentle whitening activators.

Step 2:
Teeth Whitening Gel, is applied directly on top of the Pre-Treatment, the ingredients combine and activate directly on your teeth, for supercharged, accelerated whitening that simply isn’t possible with a single-step whitener!

Seriously, this is what I call easy peasy. This easy, two-step process is so efficient, it’s no longer necessary to spend hours with strips or trays to get a beautiful white smile, just in time for the holidays.