Protect Your Smile with Infinitely White.

You spend time trying to look your best. From hair and makeup to perfecting your smile. Picking out the right  shade of lipstick to spending years in braces and all that teeth whitening to get a healthy, beautiful smile. But did you know that doing some regular daily activities like eating some of your favorite food, drinking wine, coffee and tea stain your teeth? It's simple to protect your teeth and it's actually a must! I've been protecting mine with Infinitely White.

Infinitely White

Infinitely White creates a barrier to staining that can extend whitening or preserve naturally white teeth from these foods and drinks that stain teeth. It's formulated with a unique blend of Microcrystaline Wax and soothing oils that bonds to the tooth surface and creates a barrier. It's really pretty cool. Infinitely White prevents staining substances from adhering to the enamel so it protects and helps to maintain your bright, white smile longer.

Infinitely White

Infinitely White

It's super easy to use. Simply apply a dab of Infinitely White on your fingertip and rub it over your teeth.

Infinitely White will last up to 2 hours on your tooth surface. Apply it before eating or drinking to ensure that you are protected from staining agents. Use the Infinitely White jar at home (peppermint flavored) and make sure to pack the “Grab ‘n Go” Minis into your handbag so you're teeth are always protected! Infinitely White Minis are flavorless and will not interfere with the taste of your favorite foods and drinks.

Shop at where the full size jar and minis sell for $19.99 each.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated and received a product for testing in partnership with Infinitely White. All opinions are my own.