CHANEL Rouge Coco - The Newest in Luxury Lipstick.

We all know CHANEL and the fashion and beauty that is constantly inspired by the legend. This is latest in a new breed of luxury lipsticks, launched earlier this month. Meet CHANEL Rouge Coco.

Peter Philips, the Global Creative Director for CHANEL says, "Rouge Coco fascinates me, because I’ve never seen a texture this comfortable and easy to apply. It’s the ready-to-wear lipstick. Just one sweep over the lips colours them and covers them in a melt-away balm … I like the idea that women from the gloss generation, who are afraid of lipstick, can return to this essentially feminine beauty step with Rouge Coco.” Check out a bit about Philips and see him working behind the scenes with the beautiful Vanessa Paradis, in filming the advertisements.

What I especially love about this new lipstick, aside from the luxurious packaging, the scent, to the feel of simply applying CHANEL to my lips, is the newly infused hydration. The moment I apply and throughout the day, lips are drenched in a special Hydratendre Complex that moisturizes lips while wearing.

The colors are broken up into shade ranges.


  • Perle (02)
  • Cashemere (04)
  • Egerie (06)
  • La Pausa (08)


  • Organdi Rose (09)
  • Mademoiselle (05)
  • Camelia (10)
  • Legende (11)
  • Ruban Rose (15)
  • Muse (14)
  • Orchidee (17)
  • Rouge Orage (23)
  • Cambon (31)


  • Gabrielle (19)
  • Vendome (25)
  • Rivoli (21)
  • Ballet Russe (29)


  • Sycomore (32)
  • Venise (26)
  • Bois des Iles (33)

CHANEL Rouge Coco is available right now for $30.00 in boutiques, on counter and online at it's micro site Rouge Coco.

*Press samples submitted by brand for review.