Vichy Aqualia Antiox Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick.

Vichy Laboratories has discovered a pretty powerful antioxidant, that when combined with other vitamins, is creating revolutionary new products. These products are all apart of the new Aqualia Antiox line up of products that include Antioxidant Fresh Serum, 24 Hour Moisturizing Fluid SPF 12 and an Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick.

I had a chance to test the Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick and I am really glad that I had this opportunity, as I am hooked on this beauty and it goes with me everywhere I do.

Before I tell you why, I learned a bit about the key ingredients in this new line of products, particularly the Eye Stick for which I tested, so let's get into that.

Vichy has gone to work with some pretty heavy duty ingredients and created a powerful antioxidant they are calling Citrus Polyphenol. Citrus Polyphenol as an anti-oxidant works deep within the skin to strengthen stem cells by canceling out the stress. As that is basically what an anti-oxidant is created for, this ingredient combined with Vitamins C & E works to combat the stress (in this case what causes puffiness and dark circles around the eyes).

So, why is this Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick now carried in my handbag, wherever I go? First, I love how this sitck feels when I rub it under my eyes. When my eyes feel tired, I rub this Eye Stick under my eyes and as the cooling effect that the stick gives off is very refreshing, it sort of just makes me feel more awake. Next, as the Eye Stick makes me feel more awake, it does seem to make my under eye puffiness diminish and just look better overall. My entire under eye area feels refreshed and tightened soon after applying. Lastly, I think that as I have been using this product over the last few weeks, I have noticed an improvement in the area on a whole.

With the ease of portability and the instant, plus longer term effects, this product is a must-have in my daily beauty routine. One thing I would like to add is that I do use this before I apply my makeup and during the day when my makeup is on. I am not as careful when I apply it first thing in the morning, as when

I apply it over my makeup. When applying over makeup, I do so carefully and have yet to have a problem and I don't think I would as long as I keep applying it with a lighter hand.

Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick retails for $28.00, where Vichy products are sold. In the United States, Vichy is sold through their website or at CVS stores.

*Press sample submitted to me for review purposes.