Comforting Winter Skin with L'Occitane.

If your skin could use some extra hydration and nourishment this winter, it's time to look for some comfort. I found it with L'Occitane and their newly launched Shea Butter Comforting Collection and my skin is drinking it up -- and saying thank you at the same time.

Comforting Winter Skin with L'Occitane

Inspired by their best-selling Shea Butter Hand Cream, the new Shea Butter Comforting Collection contains 6 daily face care product. All gentle and nourishing, hydrating and protective, the three-step cleanse, tone and moisturize regimen offers users a simple, yet complete skincare routine. They are equally perfect for entry-level skincare users or nice additions to products you’re already using. All you have to do is choose a cleanser and a moisturizer that best fits your skin type.

First, I'll give you a complete rundown then tell you briefly about what I've tried.


  • Shea Butter Ultra-Gentle Face Soap - $12.00
    This facial soap with a creamy lather is great for normal-to-combination skin types.
  • Shea Butter Cleansing Milk  - $22.00
    With nourishing shea butter and calming licorice extracts, this facial cleanser gently removes impurities while reducing redness.
  • Shea Butter Cleansing Oil - $22.00
    This cleansing oil removes impurities and makeup in a single step. It's great for dry and sensitive skin types.


  • Shea Butter Gentle Toner  - $22.00
    Enriched with shea butter, cornflower and orange blossom floral waters, this gentle toner removes excess dirt and makeup left behind. It also works to prep skin to absorb moisturizer more effectively. This toner is good for all skin types. Use it after cleanser and before moisturizer every day.


  • Shea Butter Rich Comforting Cream - $30.00
    Formulated with 25% shea butter, this moisturizer is the perfect solution for dry-to-very dry skin. Gentle yet effective, this cream melts deep into the skins’ surface to relieve and nourish tired, dry skin while protecting it against even the harshest conditions.
  • Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream - $28.00
    A lighter version of the best-selling facial comforting cream, this new formula offers 5% shea butter for a lighter, non-greasy, weightless texture. It has the perfect amount of moisture for normal to combination skin.

My perfect combination seems to be the Shea Butter Cleansing Milk, Shea Butter Gentle Toner and Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream and it really has made a difference in my dry winter skin. I'm addicted to the Cleansing Milk. It feels soothing to my skin as soon as I apply. It is definitely comforting and it removes every trace of makeup, dirt and oil, which is great. I haven't had issues with touch mascara removal wither. I'll definitely be repurchasing this for winter! The Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream is really nice for night.

Comforting Winter Skin with L'Occitane

The Comforting Cream is thick, but not too thick and absorbs quick. It instantly feels hydrated and comforted and gosh it smells so good. My skin looks and feels plumps and smooth. It's real nice.

The L'Occitane Shea Butter Comforting Collection is available at and L'Occitane boutiques.