COVERGIRL Lash Perfection Mascara.

COVERGIRL has been hitting it out of the park with their mascara over the last few years. Let's see. There has been Eye Lights, LashBlast, LashBlast Length and NatureLuxe Mousse.  Dare I say they have a grand slam with their latest Lash Perfection? Seriously, I was amazed upon first application and I swear I love it more and more each time I use it.

You see, I had just opened one of my favorite high-end brands of mascara. I purchased it, for $30 I might add, and used it just once. What a waste. I thought I loved it, but really, it doesn't compare to how easily my lashes are "larger than life" with Lash Perfection ($5.99).

Let's take a look at why Lash Perfection is my latest go-to mascara.

You see, Lash Perfection was "specially designed to lengthen and lift your lashes for a lightweight, voluminous look - the lash wrap brush perfectly wraps each lash with volume."

The Formula

  • This conditioning formula, with vitamins, coats the lashes, covering them from root to tip
  • This lightweight formula provides luxurious volume that helps keep lashes feeling soft and lifted
  • With a special blend of conditioning agents, the formula provides smooth application  

The Brush 

  • The magic is in the bristles of this innovative brush structure!  Each bristle contains tiny micro-chambers, or grooves, that instantly surround each lash, hugging and coating them each  individually
  • Bristles are precisely molded to contain micro-chambers that instantly wrap your lashes 360 degrees, allowing more formula to coat every lash

The formula is so flexible, looks almost glossy, but never smears, flakes or clumps. Ever. The bristles lift my lashes for precise, controlled application that had never left me with a smudge or smear, even when in a hurry. One coat and my lashes are nearly perfect and that is all I use on a daily basis. If I am heading out at night or want a more bold look, I might add a second coat on later in the day, but one coat is totally wearable. I need to add that if I do opt for a second coat later on in the day, this coat glides on like a breeze, even with the first coat being set for hours and hours. Miraculous!

I have been using Black Brown for everyday, but can't wait to break out the Black as we move more into fall and Very Black for special occassions. At the low price of just $5.99 a tube, there is no reason to not have a few different shades on hand. Choose from Very Black, Black, Brown Black or Brown.

Look for Lash Perfection now at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer.