COVERGIRL LashBlast 24HR Mascara.

Following up the Blast Flipstick with another Blast launch from COVERGIRL is, like I said, COVERGIRL LashBlast 24HR Mascara.

COVERGIRL LashBlast 24HR Mascara - $7.99

Once again, expanding on the hugely popular and wonderful LashBlast formula, comes a long-lasting mascara formula that doesn't budge for 24 hours - and beyond. Lashes are left, full and thick, full of volume from root to tip. The brush makes sure that each and every lash is coated with the mascara and not clumped with it.

The formula is a perfect blend of volumizing, charged structurants, plus pigments and waxes enveloped in lash bonding resins that are resistant to the main threats to lasting lash beauty. Also, protective resins resist skin’s natural oils, ensuring smudge-resistant, and flake-resistant volume for hours. To remove, you need to use an oil based eye makeup remover. Yes, it really lasts.

To test that claim, I took LashBlast 24 HR Mascara for the ultimate test drive. I applied it first thing in the morning and did not remove it when I went to bed that night. As I went to remove the rest of the makeup from my face, my lashes still looked great. Big and bold and black. In the morning, my lashes were still pretty full, with minimal smudging under my eyes. Let's face it, the smudging could have been from my liner that I tried to carefully remove while leaving the mascara on, and I did sleep for about 7 hours. I do not recommend doing this, but the test was to see if the mascara would live up to its claim, and it did. The fact that my lashes looked great at the very end of the night is really all I needed to know, enough so that this one moves up to the top of my list of mascara faves.

LashBlast 24HR Mascara comes in 7 (7!) shades to suit your every mood or need.

  • Very Black
  • Enduring Black
  • Black
  • Eternal Brown
  • Black Brown
  • Blue Black
  • Black Gold

If you need your lashes to look great all day without touching up, this one is for you. Look for LashBlast 24HR Mascara in drugstores and mass retailers now.