COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick.

This season, COVERGIRL has added to its Blast line up of products with Blast Flipstick and another great version of Lashblast, Lashblast 24HR Mascara. They are both on trend as they answer the need for long-wearing and double-duty products.

In this post, I am going to go over the Blast Flipstick and then follow it later today with a post on the Lashblast 24HR Mascara.

COVERGIRL Blast Flipstick - $7.99

This double sided stick contains two lip colors, both coordinating. One side contains a cream lip color and the other a shimmer shade. You can, of course, wear each shade alone or together.  I like taking a cream shade and adding a shimmer shade over it (as you would a lipgloss), just in the middle of the lip, to give a more pouty look. Pat McGrath does this in a video below, and I love putting expert tips to use.

The Blast Flipstick colors, especially the cream shades, are are very pigmented and are quite long-lasting. They give me a nice color for at least 6 hours of wear on lighter shades; while some of the darker, more pigmented cream shades (Flashy, Intense) have my lips shaded all day long. Touching up with a bit of the shimmer side is simple and easy to do, if needed, during the day. Also, the formula is moisturizing, so it mixes perfectly without leaving lips feel heavy or dry at all.

There are 13 Flipsticks to choose from, giving you 26 shades to mix and match until your heart is content.

  1. Whisper - taupe and pearl pink shades
  2. Pucker - light berry and lilac shades
  3. Glimmer - dark berry and soft pink shades
  4. Flashy - dark berry and lilac shades
  5. Vixen - burgundy and pearl pink shades
  6. Perky  - bright pink and light pink shades
  7. Tease  - red and gold shades
  8. Cheeky  - bright pink and peach shades
  9. Stunner  - bright pink and gold shades
  10. Snap - taupe and sand shades
  11. Smooch - copper and sand shades
  12. Minx - deep brown and gold shades
  13. Intense  - deep berry and taupe shades

Cheeky, Flashy, Glimmer, Intense

Minx, Perky, Pucker, Smooch

Snap, Tease, Vixen, Whisper

Check out Pat McGrath in action below, as she creates a bold lip on COVERGIRL muse and runway model Jessica Stam. Pat uses her favorite shade, Stunner, to achieve the hot red-orange shade. She uses the creamy end of the stick first to achieve a vibrant lip and adds a layer on top using the shimmery end of the stick to finish the look. Notice that she only applies the shimmer shade in the middle of the lips to provide dimension.

Blast Flipstick is in drugstores and mass retailers now.