Currently Obsessed: Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops.

You know when you are sticking to your beauty routine but you feel like something is missing but you can't quite put your finger on it? Well, that is probably due to the fact that your skins needs change from one day to the next. One day is it dull and lackluster, another day it is super dry.  It's nearly impossible to change out your products everyday unless you have a beauty closet stocked with every product imaginable. That's where the new Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops come in. These serum-like drops add a concentrated boost of essential oils and vitamins to whatever products you're already using to create a customized solution based upon your skins needs.

COVER FX Custom Infusion Drops

I'm pretty much obsessed with these Custom Infusion Drops and I have honestly been using a different one each day depending on what I feel like my skins concerns are. There are four different formulas, which I am going to describe below. I've also been known to mix two different drops in at the same time — you'll know why when you see the descriptions below.

Here are the four Custom Infusion Drops targeted formulas:

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops

A + Jasmine: Anti-Aging - These Drops are enriched with Vitamin A to support natural cell turnover. This will help to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time no matter what type of other treatment product you are using. The Jasmine oil helps boost skin hydration.

C + Lemongrass: Radiance - These Drops contain Lemongrass to help tone the skin along with Vitamin C (which you know I love) to help brighten dull skin.

E + Chamomile: Calming - These Drops contain Vitamin E and Chamomile which are both comforting ingredients to help nourish and sooth the skin.

F + Neroli: Hydrating - With concentrated Vitamin F, Neroli oil and Sodium Hyaluronate, these Drops help the skin to better hold onto moisture and improve its' elasticity.

COVER FX Custom Infusion Drops

The Custom Infusion Drops are easy to use. Simply put whatever skin care product you are going to use (moisturizer, serum, oil, etc.) into the palm of your hand, drop in one Custom Infusion Drop, mix with your fingertip and apply as usual. This will give you a customized and transformed treatment product.

As I am obviously quite concerned with aging, I tend to use the A + Drops often. I usually add this Custom Infusion Drop into whatever night cream I am using. I use the F + Drop probably the most because I'm all about the extra added moisture and skin plumping effect that I get from this Custom Infusion Drop. I like mixing both of these at night, but use the F + Drop on it's own during the day a lot as well. When I am lacking on the sleep, I use the C + Drops and when my skin is stressed (after I use a beauty tool or after a peel or facial) I mix in the E + Drops.

Buy the Custom Infusion Drops at and Sephora. Each bottle sells for $48.


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