Skin Care Resolutions.


While resolutions are top of mind at the start of the year, I take stock in a few things as far as my overall beauty regimen goes. I try to learn from the past year; what did I do right and what did I do wrong? I concentrated a lot on my skin last year and it is looking better than ever. I want to continue on that trend but make it even better this year. My neck needs extra help as do other parts of my body. I am making a list of skin care resolutions and I am going to implement them to make my skin its best yet.

New Year Resolutions Including the Best Things to Do for Your Skin this Year!

My skin care resolutions for 2016!

Sunscreen All Over

I feel like this is a given and I do wear sunscreen on my face and neck every day but I'm not so great about it on my body. I'm noticing some age spots on my hands and my body tans fairly easily now which I know is not a good sign. I spend a lot of time in Florida and I'm getting a lot of my sun from indirect sunlight. You see, I only put on sunscreen when heading out to the pool or beach and I need to make a concrete routine of applying sunscreen as I do my body lotion.  I use AVEENO Daily Moisturizing Lotion every day (love the new GENTLE SCENT™ Lotion) and just saw that they do have a version of the original with SPF. I'm going to switch mine out and start using that.


Drink More Water

I read and hear so much about about this. Is drinking more water really good for your skin? The evidence is mostly positive and I know that for me it's all good. When I drink 8 - 10 glasses of water a day, consistently, my skin simply looks better. I have this puffiness at the top of my cheeks/undereye area that I get when I don't drink enough water regularly. There is not much I can do for them except to stay adequately hydrated so I really need to concentrate on this.

Turn Down the Water Temperature

I love a long hot shower, especially in the winter, but this is not good for my skin. Taking a too hot shower is actually drying my skin out more. One look at my flaky arms and legs and you'd know that my showers are just too hot. One thing that I have been doing and resolve to continue to do is turn down the water temperature in my shower. Did you know that that 103ºF is the ideal water temperature for taking a shower?

Delta Temp2O Showerhead

Recent research presented at the annual American Academy of Dermatology meeting, focused on cleansing at different temperatures and found subjects with moderate skin dryness saw better results when washing with above average temperatures. A second study confirmed the original observation and determined that 103ºF (± 2ºF) was the ideal temperature range for maintaining optimum skin condition.

I know my water temperature in my shower because I have the Delta Temp2O showerhead installed in my shower. This showerhead (with six spray heads and multiple settings) uses Temp2O technology to tell me what the water temperature of my shower is. With its unique color changing digital temperature display, I know if my water temperature is too hot, too cold or just right. I make sure to adjust my water so that I am in the Magenta color range and I know that my skin is safe.

Before knowing the proper setting and taking a really hot shower, my Delta Temp2O showerhead was giving me a reading in the Red color range. I knew that was too hot. By simply dialing down my nozzle just ever so slightly (which I barely notice) into the safer Magenta range and 103 perfect setting, I know I am not damaging my skin.

Find a Good Serum + Stick with It

I am constantly searching for a good all around serum for daytime use. I seem to have good targeted serums that I use at night, but I really need to find one for the day to use each and everyday. I'm thinking an antioxidant serum is important and of course, something with hyaluronic acid. I just started using a brand new serum KaneNY SERUM SAVANT™ and I'm liking it so far. This serum uses the brands proprietary Halo-C complex so it penetrates deeper into the skin than other leading brands. It actually helps to pull other active ingredients right to the skin’s source too. It seems to really plump up my skin and fill in and soften my lines. I like how smooth my skin feels when using; I just need to stick with it!


Wash Makeup Brushes Weekly

It's a fact that makeup brushes spread dirt, oil and bacteria and that is just not good for the skin.  I clean my makeup brushes pretty regularly, but not as often as I should. I really need to make my makeup brush washing a weekly thing and I am going to start making it a part of my Sunday spa night ritual. Weekly brush cleaning doesn't have to be a chore with the right brush cleaner. I like IT Cosmetics Brush Love and that is something that I use on the fly for my foundation and concealer brush (it's a spray, wipe and dry type of thing). For deeper makeup brush cleanings I usually use beautyblender blendercleanser® solid.  Using clean makeup brushes leads to overall better skin health.

Makeup Brush Cleaners

Are you going to do anything special for your skin this year? Join me and let's make 2016 the best year for our skin.

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