Custom Nail Solutions.

I am a stickler for having perfect looking nails. I am at the nail salon every 3 weeks for a gel manicure. Though my nails are now my own, I used to get false nails and I know many women still have to, so when I heard about this new solution for nails where you can have you very own set of nails customized for you, I had to learn more.

The concept of these nails was invented by a cosmetic dentist.  The nails are custom fit from a personal impression, using dental putty, which you make right at home. It takes time and patience to make the impressions and it actually took me a few hours to finally get it right, but once I did all I had to do is pick the shape and length. You can even choose from a natural pink nail or a French tipped design. 

You send the impressions into the company and you get back your very own customized nails that are made of an indestructible, high impact thermo-plastic guaranteed to never chip, break, crack or change shape. They can be removed and reused and guaranteed to last a life-time, provided you don't lose one.

If you regularly maintain false nails, then I definitely see the advantage over a "standard" false nail.

The system and one set of custom-fit nails costs $139.95 and comes with everything you need to make the impressions along with the complete custom nails and maintenance system. Shop online at