TRIA Hair Removal Laser Update 5.

My last TRIA Beauty Hair Removal Laser update was so long ago, though I swear I wrote it just a few weeks ago. Things have been quite busy here, that is for sure. I haven't forgotten to do my TRIA Hair Removal Laser treatments every two weeks, though. It is like part of my routine, which makes it easy. Every other Sunday night, while watching some of my favorite Sunday night TV shows, I get out my fully charged laser and get to the treatments.

I have upped the power to level 4 when doing my legs, but I am still on level three when doing my underarm treatments. Level 4 seems to get very warm when using on my legs, but my on my underarm, it feels really hot, like a bad sting, so I am staying at level 3. The fact that I am still at level 3 may explain the fact that I am still seeing a lot of growth on my under arms and still shave every 5 - 7 days. I can't say that the hair has gotten much more thin there in the last few months, but it is not as thick as it was when I began. My hair on my legs is still coming in, but at a much more slower rate like I have explained before. There is stubble about a week later, but it is not noticeable until about week 3 when I am shaving again. If I really wanted soft and smooth skin or were in short season, I would probably shave my legs every 7 days or so, but honestly it is not really visible until about 3 weeks, so I am sticking to shaving then. Hopefully, with each treatment, the stubble will become less and less.

I am not giving up hope yet. I am almost at the six month mark and I have done many more than the treatments every two weeks. When I began, I was using the TRIA two times per week as I was originally instructed. In reading a lot of different studies on laser hair removal, (not from TRIA, I should add) I see that it takes some people more than 12 months of continued usage before they get near permanent or permanent results.

The TRIA Hair Removal Laser sells for $395.00 at TRIA Beauty. Just in case you haven't been following along, please see all of my TRIA updates:

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