Get Red Carpet Ready with Murad.

It is award season in Hollywood. Yes, time for many red carpets rolling out. Now, you know that the celebrities don't just how up looking glam with no work before hand. I bet they spend weeks prepping their skin for the world to see.

In fact, celebs including Susan Sarandon, Academy Award Winner; Toni Collette, Golden Globe Award Winner; Kim Cattrall, Golden Globe and SAG Award Winner; Emily Blunt, Golden Globe Award Winner; Dianna Agron, SAG Award Winner; and Olivia Wilde, SAG Award Nominee, all rely on Murad products to get them looking extra gorgeous. One little kit that they are using and swearing by is this beauty from Murad, appropriately called the Award Season Survival Kit. It houses four must have Murad products to help them get through the season while looking their best - plus a few exclusive services that I would love to try.

Murad’s Hybrid Skin Perfecting Primer Acne and Shine Control - $35.00

  • A triple threat that controls shine, evens skin tone, and treats breakouts

Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum - $60.00
I swear by this serum and have been using it for well over a year now. It has made my favorites list twice, and is lightened my age spots and dramatically improved the evenness of my skin tone.

  • Clinically proven to restore clarity and even skin tone by reducing the appearance of sun spots and age spots 33% in 1 week
  • Targets, treats and prevents pigmentation caused by daily environmental exposure.

Murad’s New Intensive-C Radiance Peel
This will be available on March 1 and you will want to make note of this beauty. I have used it and after just ten minutes and a few minutes of tingling on my skin (I know it is working!), my skin is so much more bright and radiant. It is such a great dull skin pick-me up, as it is full of antioxidant and skin brighteners.

  • Perfect for starlets looking to restore and renew skin from prior sun damage or heavy sun exposure

Perfecting Serum - $62.00

  • Provides a flawless, long wearing finish alone or under makeup. Creating a sheer barrier to lock in moisture for radiant skin, this serum smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and is essential for priming skin for flawless makeup application.

The Murad Inclusive Health Spa’s Signature Massage

  • Deep relaxation for body and mind. Getting a massage is more than just a great way to unwind. Scientific studies continue to reveal that the healing power of touch increases cellular water content, boosts the immune system, improves sleep patterns, reduces stress and lifts the spirit.

The Inclusive Health Consultation

  • A unique kind of wellness evaluation that will give you an objective measure of how healthy you are at a fundamental, cellular level including tactics to help improve sleep, digestion, skin texture and tone, hair, nails, weight and muscle mass and reduce fatigue.

A customized Cosmetic Peel with Dr. Murad

  • Provides dramatic aesthetic results with limited downtime
  • Dr. Murad’s proprietary treatment combines microdermabrasion and chemical peel techniques that are fully customizable to each patient’s individual skin concerns and special needs.

While the products are pictured together in this exclsuive kit, they are for sale individually at