Holiday 2010: Guerlain Collection Les Ors.

As part of the history of Guerlain, in 2010, the bee becomes the emblem of a luminous, golden holiday collection, rich in delicate ornaments and precious motifs.  Guerlain make-up enhances this enchanting season in which all women dream of being a queen for one evening. To make this season even more glamorous, the beauty accessories transform into rare jewels, objects of desire that seem gilded with fine gold.

Guerlain’s Collection Les Ors is a luminous collection infused with mystery and grandeur, touched with radiant seduction…

Larger images of all of the products in the collection are available in the Guerlain Holiday 2010 Photo Gallery.

Midnight Star Extraordinary Radiance Treatment - $73.00
During the holidays, the parties can seem endless as you celebrate from day to night while having to look your best at every party. Midnight Star is your best ally for this dazzling season, with practical, effective and portable doses of skincare that sweep away signs of daily fatigue and stress at any time. Just one flick of the magic wand holding these must-have ampules and your skin recovers all of its radiance in time for whatever party lies ahead. Its pearly tensing gel texture captures and reflects the light, diminishing small imperfections and fine lines as if by magic. The formula’s detoxifying protective complex helps prevent night-time excess. Midnight Star is the promise of a glowing, radiant complexion as soon as it is applied for perfect holiday skin.

Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body - $85.00
As a symbol of the heritage of luxury perfumery and proof of a unique mastery of art and material, the Eau de Cologne Impériale bottle alone embodies all the know-how and refinement of the great perfumer. An object that delights the eye, a case that whets the emotions, it takes us on a journey through time to rediscover delicate and carefully prepared luxury. Adorned with a label identical to its original 1853 version, this precious bottle now becomes a spray bottle that releases a light powder to reintroduce an extremely sensual beauty step. With its silky, ethereal texture, this light powder caresses the skin like a breeze, leaving behind a luminous halo with delicately iridescent reflections. Deliciously perfumed with violet, it subtly embellishes the face, body and hair with a shimmering bronze glow.

Météorites Perles d’Or - $56.00
The legendary Météorites represent absolute radiance. These magical pearls create the ideal light on your complexion made of six complementary pearl colors that chase away imperfections with a harmonious halo. For the holiday season, it offers even more surprises, it is enriched with a golden shade, to light up the complexion, and a violet specially created for the season to catch the light and soften shadowy areas. To celebrate in style, Météorites Perles d’Or dresses up in a chiseled metal case stamped with the rosette, the Météorites seal, and decorated with a finely embossed golden bee.

Météorites Poudre d’Or - $170.00
Météorites Poudre d’Or is an indispensable evening partner, offering a palette of three new shades – the violet of the season, a pale pink and a white – drawn in the form of bees over a bed of iridescent beige. These slightly pearly colours reveal the radiance of all skin tones and light up the face with a unique glow. The must-have portable pebble-shaped compact in white gold metal sports an ultra-flat case with a cover delicately adorned with an embossed rosette set, a finely gilded bee and sprinkled with a constellation of black Swarovski crystals.

Ombre Eclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow - $59.00
A combination of deep colors and exquisite light reveal sensuous and bewitching eyes. Two matte violets, both dark and luminous and an deep black liner allow you to intensely work the eyes, while an iridescent gold lights up the eyelids with spectacular luminosity. Smoky or tone-on-tone, the eyes become mysterious to conquer and dazzle anyone in sight. Reminiscent of sumptuous ornaments, the Ombre Éclat 4 Shades Eye Shadow case dresses up in coppery gold attire and nestles in a black velveteen pouch marked with the bee. Inside, the three dark shades are decorated with fine patterns, evoking the arabesques that decorate the legendary imperial Guerlain bottles, while the gold powder is stamped with the emblematic bee. Limited edition shade: #410 “Velours d’Or.”

Le 2 Volume Mascara - $36.00
The star mascara, which gives unprecedented volume and curl to the lashes, now offers a copper gold lacquered formula for the party season to enhance the sensuality and radiance of the eyes. Like a top coat varnish, the golden lacquer is applied after mascara on the entire lash surface. In one simple stroke, the lashes light up with delicate golden pearly pigments ready for festivities. Chic lies in the detail: the cap of the large brush is decorated with the golden bee. Limited edition shade: #13 “Or 2 Nuit”.

Rouge G Le Brillant Lipstick - $46.00
As the final touch of exquisite make-up, Rouge G Le Brillant elegantly completes eye make-up by enhancing the lips with intense violet, subtly scintillating with golden pearly particles. This is the secret to an irresistible smile. Chic lies in the detail: the bee lands on the interior mirror of the gold ingot case, decorated with a golden stamp.

Limited edition shade: B64 “Bee”

KissKiss Strass - $31.00
Like rich and sparkling fabric, KissKiss Strass shows off maximum shine. Shimmering like a sequin, it embellishes the sexiest of smiles. Available in two limited edition shades for the holiday season, #323 “Rouge Impérial” is a vibrant dark red, while #363 “Rose de la Reine” is luminous rosy beige.

Guerlain’s Holiday Colour collection is available now at select Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman stores.