mark. Clean Up Time Conditioning Bath Soaps and Scent Boosters.

Knowing that women make up the majority of the workforce in the hired labor sectors of tea and flowers, mark. knew they needed to enable the use of the Fair Trade system and eveloped this limited edition collection. If you did not know, Fair Trade is a market-based system for sustainable development. Importers and retailers pay fair prices and wages to farmers and farm workers who grow products in accordance with rigorous standards that guarantee worker rights, commmunity empowerment and environmental sustainability.

mark. Clean Up Time Conditioning Bath Soaps is one of the latest additions to their Fair Trade Body Collection. This is a beautifully scented trio of creamy lathering soaps that condition the skin while it cleanses. They are formulated with Fair Trade Certified Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and White Tea Extract to nourish the skin as it washes.

I appreciate that my skin does not feel dry or stripped when using, as many soaps do. My skin feels almost comforted when using, so it is as soft as it is clean. The scent is very fresh with notes of ginger and lemongrass - yum. Perfect for using in the morning for a boost in the shower.

Also new to the collection are the Great Energy & Feeling Calm Multi-Wear Scent Boosters. The Scent Boosters is a collection of two aromatherapy oil bases. Each unique scent is great worn as a fragrance on the body's pulse points or added to other scents. They are olive oil based, paraben and preservative free. Great Energy is a fragrance that jump-starts the senses with ginger and lemongrass. It is actually what the Bath Soaps are scented with. Feeling Clam is a soothing fragrance, that created calm with notes of lavender and chamomile.

The Fair Trade Body Collection is avilable right now through a mark. representative or online at  The Bath Soaps sell for $10.00 (for the trio) and the Scent Boosters sell for $8.00 each.