Las Vegas de CHANEL.

When you think of Las Vegas, what do you think of? The glitz. The glamour. The Gold. That is what CHANEL thought of when they dreamed up this new collection called Las Vegas de CHANEL.

A city arises from the middle of nowhere in a feverish vision, like a mirage. Under the azure blue of a cloudless sky, Las Vegas keeps the desert dust at bay in the hypnotic ballet of neon lights. Along the Strip, the luxury hotels and casinos set the scene for a modern fairytale in which all dreams are possible. Amongst them stands the Bellagio Hotel. Its sumptuous gallery will welcome an entirely remodeled CHANEL boutique in earlier this year. An elegant stopover in a modern-day treasure hunt.

Peter Philips, Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup, creates a gold-plated collection and strews stardust over polyester dreams.   The iconic gold of CHANEL elegance slips into every texture. A silky powder on the skin, sunny lacquer on the nails or a sheer whisper on the lips, it highlights a radiant face that’s on a lucky streak.

Lucky Strips - $95.00
The Exclusive Creation of the collection concentrates the entire spirit of Las Vegas in its traditional square case. Lined up in rows, four shades of sand and bronze sweep through every variation of a fabulous desert in which gold embraces the sun and shines. On the surface of the colours, an embossed star design seems to extend a warm welcome to the city of dreams. For an illuminating makeover, a beveled brush is ideal for choosing and blending shades, sweeping lightly over the cheekbones, face or eyelids.

Brilliant Rouge Coco Shine - $32.50
The extremely melt-away texture and playful spirit of the most mischievous CHANEL lipstick get into the game with a total golden look. BRILLANT: faithful to the style of Coco Chanel, its sheer golden shade gives a fun twist to the traditional codes of elegance.

Precision Lip Definer in Vegas Gold - $29.00
It accentuates the centre of the upper lip with a golden line. A makeup tip that adds a touch of light and emphasizes the fullness of a sparkling smile.

Le Vernis Gold Fingers - $28.00
A semi-sheer golden lacquer glides over nails like a talisman for a Midas touch.

The Exclusive Creation Las Vegas de Chanel products are available now at the CHANEL Bellagio Hotel and Wynn Hotel boutiques.  For product availablity and to order, call 1.800.550.0005.