M·A·C Zoom WaterFast Lash.

Next up is a new version of one of M∙A∙C's best selling mascaras. This is Zoom Lash in a waterproof version called Zoom Water Fast Lash.

ZOOM LASH is back in a NEW WATERPROOF formula that instantly combs and lifts the lashes for incredible volume.  Our perfectly sculpted, patented brush with unique three-sided fibres embraces, holds and separates each lash, quickly coating from root to tip in a creamy, velvety shade that keeps lashes light and flexible, while adding definition.  Leave it to M∙A∙C to take this number one selling mascara and make it better!


Mascara - $15.00
Zoom Waterfast Lash - Waterfast black 

If you are looking for lot's of volume while still having some definition, Zoom Fast mascara is obviously already on your list of faves. If you need a waterproof version, try this.  It stood up to a day of crying on me yesterday and my lashes still looked great. Be sure to use an eyemakeup remover to get it all off the lashes, as a regular makeup remover won't even stand a chance.

Look for this now at M·A·C counters and online at maccosmetics.com.