LashControl Mascara.

It's been over three years since I heard about this new innovative mascara LashControl, and now that I had a chance to try it, I wanted to make sure I mentioned it again.

Think about your mascara.  When you take the wand out of the tube. What is the first thing you have to do? Wipe away clumps, right. It is such a time waster. It is a habit, but annoying. Really, who has the time over and over and over again? I don't, and I love that this LashControl mascara eliminates that pesky task as it is designed to wipe away any clumps as the wand comes out of the tube.

Look at the the LashControl tube and you will see the rubber center of the tube. This is where you can squeeze as you remove the wand. Excess mascara and un-necessary clumps are removed as you pull the wand out of the tube. Forget the tissues, no clumps are here. 

LashControl is available in three varieties for all of your eyelash needs.

  • Pink Squeeze ($20) - Lengthening and Conditioning formula in Natural black
  • Purple Squeeze ($20) - 2x Black Volumizing Brush with Length and Conditioning formula
  • Clear Squeeze ($16) - Use as a top coat with all the formulas to create depth without adding color-weight, or use on the brows for the ultimate in grooming 

As an added bonus, for every LashControl mascara purchased this month (October 2011), the brand will donate $1 to the Susan G. Komen Cancer Foundation. Purchase online at