MAC Art Library Featuring the Flame-Boyant Palette

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This is a novel collection.

Developed completely with MAC Artists to help us all take our makeup skills up a notch, there are three new curated makeup palettes in the MAC Art Library collection. These makeup palettes help to make eye looks easy with carefully coordinated eye shades, of which there are twelve eyeshadows in each palette.

There is the Flame-Boyant Palette with chic, heated shades, the Nude Model Palette, which is complete with some of MAC’s most loved neutrals, and the It’s Designer Palette with runway-ready shades for your bold side.

MAC Art Library Featuring the Flame-Boyant Palette

The collection also includes three perfectly paired lipsticks and lashes; each products completes the look.

I have the Flame-Boyant Palette, Soar Matte Lipstick and 70 Lash.

MAC Art Library Featuring the Flame-Boyant Palette

First thing is first. I just love me a twelve-pan eyeshadow palette. Especially when its from makeup leader MAC.

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Flame-Boyant is a very warm, as in VERY warm-based shadow palette. I am talking oranges and reds, which are apparent in the photos. Think of flames and sunsets and you get what this palette is all about.

There are only matte and frost shades in this palette, which I feel is a bit lacking on MAC’s part; I think there should be some satin in there, but I am not a MAC Artist, and this is a more artistic palette.

MAC Art Library Featuring the Flame-Boyant Palette
MAC Art Library Featuring the Flame-Boyant Palette

I do love warm shades, and the top two rows of colors are beautiful on me. I just don’t know what to do with red, so there are two or three shades in this palette that won’t get touched, but the rest I see as winners.

The complete shade rundown of the Flame-Boyant Palette:

Amber Lights_ Peachy-Brown with Shimmer
Samoa Silk - Warm Orangey-Beige
Rule - Vivid Orange
Dali Wood - Burnt-Brick Orange
Fan the Flames - Warm Reddish Copper
Louvre At First Sight - Cool Red
Flame Boyant - Metallic Red
Everyone’s Darling - Warm Wine Burgundy
Dada Issues - Peachy-Brown
La Vida Mocha - Brown with Bronze Pearl
Embark - Intense Reddish-Brown
What’s the Pointillism - While Gold Pearl

The coordinating lipstick to go with this palette is Soar, which is a Deep Mauvish Plum Matte.

MAC Art Library
MAC Art Library

I want to pick up the Nude Model palette from this collection because I can’t have enough nude palettes and I love a lot of the shadows that make up that one.

The Art Library collection is out online at as well at Nordstrom and now.