M∙A∙C Beth Ditto Collection Review & Photos.

If pops of candy color are your thing; you will love the latest from M∙A∙C, inspired by music and style icon Beth Ditto. Obviously this is the much talked about M∙A∙C Beth Ditto Collection.

Featuring Zoom Lash Mascara in 3 colours plus Zoom Fast Black Lash, Pro Longwear Lipcremes and Nail Lacquers.  Premiering in this collection is Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner, a dual-ended pairing of Eye Shadow and Greasepaint Liner for achieving a perfect smoky eye.  And of course, there’s Liquidlast Liner and our 7 Lash for extra drama.  With polished punk sensibility and shades ranging from tender to tart, this collection of unadulterated Beth Ditto aims the spotlight on you.

While I initially didn't see much for me in the collection, I was quickly corrected as soon as I started to play with the Powder To The People Face Powder and the new Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner.

Powder To The People should be used with a big fluffy brush, applied to your cheeks. I apply it like a bronzer. When swirling the shades together, I get a nice color that is mixed from the shades. Don't let the dots fool you. I would never use the shades alone. When swirled together you get a look you similar to a mineralize powder or mosaic face powder where it is meant to be blended to get the end result. There is a very small amount of shimmer to the powder, which I refer to as a dull shimmer. It is not matte at all, but a bit on the drier side for a powder, so be sure you are prepped, primed and moisturized when using.

MAC Powder To The People

MAC Powder To The People

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I am a huge fan of the Greasepaint Liners so I was excited to see the new Shade & Smoke Shadow/Liner. The Greasepaint Liner is on one side of of the dual-ended stick, with a creamy shadow on the other.  Don't be afraid of the colors because they give a much more subtle look than you would think. I warm up both the liner and shadow on the back of my hand before applying to make them easier to apply, and work with them pretty fast.  The liner is a bit slanted and does not apply like a normal liner, by any means. It is meant to be used like a Greaspaint. I use it close to my lash line on the top, then smudge it out, then rub the shadow over that up into the crease. It is very important to wear an eye shadow primer when wearing or you may end up with creasing or color where you don't want it.

MAC Shade & Smoke Shadow Liner Beth or Glory; Drag, Strip; Beth Mask

The M∙A∙C Beth Ditto Collection rundown:


  • LOVE LONG DISTANCE Light mauve
  • YOU’RE PERFECT ALREADY Neutral pale pink
  • BOOYAH!! Bright orange
  • DEAR DIARY Bright neon pink
  • HEART HANGOVER Deep purple

LIP PENCIL - $14.00

  • IN SYNCH Bright yellow pink
  • EMBRACE ME Vivid pinkish fuchsia
  • ENTERTAIN ME Clearly orange
  • NIGHTMOTH Blackened plum


  • LITTLE MISS MOFFET True black liner/true white shadow
  • DRAG, STRIP Smoky navy liner/pale blue shadow
  • BETH MASK Reddish brown bronze liner/golden peach pink shadow
  • BETH OR GLORY Deep brown liner/bright blue shadow


  • PLUM RESERVE Light violet purple
  • NEW HUE Blackened burgundy
  • BLUE CHARGE Deep navy blue






  • NEAR BETH EXPERIENCE Light yellow (creme)
  • LIFE AND BETH Milky peach (creme)
  • VAGABONDAGE Mid-tone lavender (creme)
  • NOCTURNELLE Black (creme)


7 LASH - $15.00

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme Dear Diary; Love Long Distance

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Blue Charge; New Hue

MAC Nail Lacquer Life and Beth; Vagabondage

The M∙A∙C Beth Ditto Collection is available now at all M∙A∙C locations and online at maccosmetics.com.