Get Sexy, Smooth Summer Skin with Venus & Olay.

Skin care wise, my goal for summer is smooth skin. Sexy, smooth skin is a bonus!  Since I am still shaving (albeit just once every ten days or so thanks to the Tria Laser) I need a razor to not just shave, I need it to pamper me as much as it can. Yes!  I want a razor to pamper my skin. Guess what? I found one right at the drugstore. Gillette Venus & Olay Razor is pampering my skin just by shaving.

You see, Gillette Venus and Olay have come together to deliver the gold standard in shaving with the Gillette Venus & Olay razor. Olay comes in with the moisture as there are moisture bars help to lock-in moisture to the skin, helping it get more smooth with each and every stroke. Of course, the Venus' five blades mean that the shave is super close.

Sexy smooth skin can be easy. You can pick the razor up right at the drugstore or from your favorite mass retailer. One refillable Venus & Olay razor with one replacement cartridge sells for about $8.99.  After you use that one up, all you have to do is just buy the refills where you get three replacement cartridges for about $14.99. Good deal.

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Venus & Olay razor was actually the official razor of the Sports Illustrated Swimwuit 2012. Now, you know how good these razors must be if Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models depend on it.

Chrissy Teigen, Sports Illustrated Swimwuit model, says, "I'm so obsessed with Venus and Olay. I used to steal my fiancés razor, but now I would never. This keeps my legs amazingly soft and smooth, and the shave gel bars smell delicious."

 Chrissy Teigen was photographed by James Macari in Desroches Island, Seychelles.
Swimsuit by Chrissy Teigen for diNeila.

I agree with Chrissy and have added the Venus & Olay razor into my summer skin care routine.