M·A·C Eye Shadow x 15.

When it comes to eyeshadow, don't you just wish that you had one big palette that had every color in it that you'd ever need? Well, of course MAC would think of that! They not only created one palette, they created two; one palette for cool tones and one for warm tones. Is it wrong to say that I need both?

MAC Eye Shadow X 15 Palette

Transform your eyes with M·A·C Eye Shadow x 15, pre-filled with 15 shades each. Designed to complement any skin tone, two colour waves feature a combination of your favourite M·A·C Eye Shadow finishes: frost, satin, velvet, matte, lustre and veluxe pearl. Eye Shadow x 15/Warm Neutral provides an array of shades from coral to peach and frosted gold, while Eye Shadow x 15/Cool Neutral ranges from burgundy to chocolate-gold and deep, blue-grey.

The palettes:

MAC Eye Shadow X 15 Cool Neutral Palette


  • Flounce - chalky white pink (matte)
  • Sweet Allure - soft light pink (satin)
  • Sun Tweaked - soft frosty coral (frost)
  • Blackberry - muted burgundy-plum brown (matte)
  • After Dusk - mid-tone rosy pink with pearl (veluxe pearl)
  • Pick Me Up - pale ivory (matte)
  • Crushed Clove - dirty gold olive (frost)
  • Cozy Grey - cool grey (matte)
  • Deception - chocolate gold (frost)
  • BRUN - muted blackish brown (satin)
  • Silver Fog - white with silver pearl (lustre)
  • French Clay - white-grey frost (frost)
  • Cumulus - dirty grey charcoal (frost)
  • Pearled Earth - deep blue-grey (veluxe pearl)
  • Black Tied - black with silver sparkle (velvet)

MAC Eye Shadow X 15 Warm Neutral Palette

 EYE SHADOW X 15/Warm Neutral

  • Hey - metallic coral (veluxe pearl)
  • Warm Breeze - pastel coral (satin)
  • Gingersnap - deep rosy pink (frost)
  • Dark Brew - deep chocolate with pink pearl (velvet)
  • Dance in the Dark - dark brown (matte)
  • Brulé - soft creamy beige (satin)
  • Vanilla Extract - soft warm yellow beige (frost)
  • Honey Lust - bronze-dipped peach (lustre)
  • Amber Lights - peachy-brown with shimmer (frost)
  • Saddle - golden orange brown (matte)
  • Lemon Tart - metallic gold (veluxe pearl)
  • Butterfudge - dirty mocha with gold pearl (satin)
  • Creative Copper - frosted gold (lustre)
  • Unwind - dirty olive (veluxe pearl)
  • Divine Decadence - soft bronze (velvet)

Each MAC Eye Shadow X 15 palette sells for $100.00 and is available right now at MAC stores only.