Top 10 Manicure Items.

I have been obsessed with having good nails for as long as I can remember. I wish I could find my high school yearbook, because I am almost positive that I was voted *best nails* way back when. I can't even imagine the amount of time I have spent grooming my nails over the years; the filing, the massaging of cuticles, the painting. I regularly get manicures, but that doesn't stop me from still grooming them and changing colors in between.

Top 10 Manicure Items for Perfect Nails

In being so obsessed with my nails, I have definitely tried a lot of different nail products. These are my ten favorite manicure items that I use regularly.

1. CND SolarOil - I use this a few times a week on my cuticles. I've gone through countless bottles and I have found nothing better to nourish my nails and cuticles.

2. COVERGIRL Outlast Nail Gloss - This is my go-to nail polish when I am painting my own nails in between salon appointments. It lasts a food week with no chipping and the drugstore price can't be beat.

3. Cutex Nail Polish Remover - This is a staple that just works to remove polish and works fast.

4. Tweezerman Cuticle Clippers - I've owned the same pair for probably twenty years and they still clip the tiniest cuticle with precision.

5. Tweezerman Nail File - A great file is key. I don't ever clip or trim my nails and only gently file them when needed. These sturdy files do the job easily.

6. butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat - This is a great basecoat that fills in ridges and nail imperfections to smooth nails prior to nail polish application.

7. butter LONDON Hardwear P.D. Quick Topcoat - This fast drying top coat helps polish dry quick with a super shiny finish.

8. Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream - No nail care routine is complete without a great hand cream. This one smells great and contains nourishing ingredients for nails too.

9. CND Shellac - This is my go-to nail color at the salon. I literally get three weeks of glossy wear out of this long wearing gel polish.

10. Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat - In between salon visits, and when I don't have on Shellac, I apply this as much as I can to strengthen my nails.