M·A·C Prime Future Review & Photos.

The future of primers is here. M·A·C has gone above and beyond in the primer category and their best yet is here with Prime Future. With two new products added to the permanent line, these will change your face for the better.

For Spring, we are introducing two all-over face Primers. Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion saturates skin with a concentrated boost of hydration, making it a unique hybrid between skincare and priming. Further upping the ante, the product that quickly became a backstage necessity – Prep + Prime Skin Smoother. A velvety, skin-perfecting Primer that instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles, while softening the skin. Comes in a convenient compact for all your on-the-go moments. - M·A·C Cosmetics

Both products are the same in the fact that they are both meant to be worn before makeup and to prep the skin for the best makeup application, though they are both very different.

Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion - $40.00
This is is meant to be used in place of moisturizer. It is serum-like, but dries down to a very silk feeling finish, reminiscent of your average primers. It seals your skin surface making for better, more long-lasting makeup. As my skin is very dry, this wasn't enough for me in terms of hydration, and I need to use it over my regular moisturizer. If your skin is not too dry, then skip the moisturizer and just use this.

Prep + Prime Skin Smoother - $30.00
This is the ultimate primer, in compact form. Just a very light swipe over my skin fills in fine lines and wrinkles, evens my skin tone and texture, while providing a softer, matte look to my skin. I apply it with a sponge and only a very small amount is needed. It feels super silky on the skin and helps create a very flawless finish to my makeup. The Skin Smoother can also be used over makeup to set it, or used to mattify more or refresh the look as the day goes on. No matter what type of skin you have, it will look much better when using.

Both new Prep + Prime products are available now at all M·A·C locations.