MAC Vamplify.

I am a lipgloss addict. I'm not sure if I have more lipgloss or lipstick in my makeup collection. It's just one of those products that you can't have too many of. Ever. It simply finishes the makeup look. One of my favorite lipglosses - if not my favorite - is from MAC. From the color selection to the sweet tell-tale vanilla flavor, their lipglass just does it for me. The latest addition to the MAC lipglass lineup is a totally different lipgloss. It is a full-on, full bodied gloss that is more opaque, offering total color and coverage in just one swipe of the wand and I am in love. Meet MAC Vamplify.

MAC Vamplify

Be seduced by our most dramatic lip gloss yet. Loaded with high-powered pigments that hug lips in shades that glisten with a delicious shine, one swipe loads lips with attitude as a combination of lush natural oils polish with impeccable, moisturizing colour. Never a tease, the glossy colour wears comfortably for hours, for a look that comes on strong and doesn’t let go.

MAC Vamplify is dramatic. As I mentioned above, it goes in with full-on color with just one sweep of the large bent flocked applicator. A little of this lipgloss goes a long way. It's an oil based lipgloss that adds a bit of stain to the lips and the color really lasts. I get four to five hours of full color with this gloss before I notice fading. It feels really creamy, almost moisturizing on the lips too. The scent is quite strong, much more than the normal MAC lipglass or MAC lipstick formulation and it doesn't fade much as I am wearing.

There are 17 Vamplify lipgloss shades in the lineup. Pair it with a coordinating Pro Longwear Lip Pencil to prevent feathering (which I did notice just a bit of with the darker shades).

  • Speed Up - bubblegum pink
  • She-Rebel - dark blue-purple
  • Modern Drama - dark plum
  • Peer Pressure - intense red-burgundy
  • Anything But Demure - mauvey nude
  • Tease Don’t Touch - intense true-red
  • Suggestive - intense blue-red
  • What’s Going On? - hot intense fuchsia
  • Hyper-Fabulous - mauvey brown
  • Tuned In - mid-tone rosy nude
  • Flash Drive - intense coral-red
  • A For Attitude - hot pink
  • How Chic Is This? - violet-purple
  • Spanking Haute - pinky nude
  • Little Miss Mischief - bright warm pink
  • Everybody’s Talking - intense coral
  • Push Some Buttons - intense orange-red

I have three of the MAC Vamplify lipgloss shades and plan to pick up more for sure. I have Peer Pressure, Push Some Buttons and Suggestive.

MAC Vamplify: Peer Pressure, Push Some Buttons and SuggestiveMAC Vamplify: Peer Pressure, Push Some Buttons and Suggestive

MAC Vamplify sells for $20.00 each at all MAC locations including Macy's and Nordstrom as well as