M∙A∙C Year of the Snake.

In case you haven't heard, the Chinese calendar says that 2013 is the Year of the Snake. Leave it to M∙A∙C to come up with a collection that embodies everything that this year represents. This is the Year of the Snake collection.

The snake-inspired collection is defined by a palette of vibrant shades and shimmering finishes. Beauty Powder illuminates the skin, eye shadow creates striking contrasts and pigments intensify the effect. Zoom Lash adds definition and Powerpoint Eye Pencil defines a razor-sharp line. Lipsticks quiver with lustre and M∙A∙C's exclusive packaging slithers with chic - featuring Beauty Powder, Lipsticks and Eye Shadows Embossed with a gorgeous snake design.

The collection:


Once Upon a Time… - Metallic vanilla (veluxe pearl)
Aztec Brick - Frosted true copper (veluxe pearl)
Altered State - Deep frosted blue purple (veluxe pearl)
Carbon - Intense black (matte)

PIGMENT - $21.00
Brash & Bold - Bright magenta
Push the Edge - Deep bright purple with pearl

LIPSTICK - $15.00
Freckletone - Neutral peach (lustre)
Plumful - Blossoming rose-plum (lustre)
Cockney - Sheer yellow red with multidimensional pearl (lustre)

Shell Pearl - Pale peach with gold pearl

Engraved - Rich black

ZOOM LASH - $16.00
Zoomblack - Rich black

I love the intricate snake design that is embossed into the products.

I am thrilled that M∙A∙C brought back the Large Eye Shadow as I love the handy size. Even though I most often use shadow palettes, I love a larger single eye shadow, especially when they are made of shades that will get a lot of use. Once Upon a Time is a wonderful beautiful shimmery vanilla shade that is perfect as a base color, as is Carbon, the ultimate matte black that I like to use as an eye liner.

My favorite product in the collection has got to be the Shell Pearl Beauty Powder pictured above. It is simply beautiful on my skin. It is beautiful when wanting to add a bit of radiance all over the skin. To get this look, I take a large fluffy powder brush and apply it right over my foundation. I also love dusting it over my bronzer and blush to soften and highlight the look.

The M∙A∙C Year of the Snake collection is available at all M∙A∙C locations and online at maccosmetics.com now.