The New and Improved Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy.

It's been over a year since I had my hair color disaster and decided to only go to a professional for my hair coloring now. I go to the salon every six weeks now and my hair is all the better for it. Sadly, I am seeing a lot of gray at my temples and cannot make it two weeks without needing a touch up. I know I am not the only woman with this problem and there is help available. Clairol Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy is my favorite at-home touch up product and it has been my savior for many years.


I was thirlled to hear that Root Touch-Up had a little makeover. Not in the coloring products itself, becasue it is perfect just the way it is. This makeover has to do with the bowl and brush that comes with the product. It is definitely a change for the better.

The new Root Touch-Up kit comes complete with the Permanent Color Creme, the Color Activating Lotion, instructions, gloves, a bowl (tray) and brush. The new rounded tray is a sturdy, rounded oblong shaped bowl; similar to what the professionals use in the salon. It is much smaller, but it the right size to mix the hair color in work with. It sits on my bathroom counter perfeclty and dooesn't want to tip over like the old model. The new expert control brush seems to be a bit wider and has a handle that is easy to hold. I love that the opposite end of the brush is pointed to make hair separation (to get into the grays) easier.

I told my professional how I need to touch-up in between my appointments and he said that he highly recommends Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy to many clients with the same problem. He even suggested the shade Medium Blonde to me, and that is what I have always used. It's great to know that I got that right! Actually this shade is designed to match a variety of medium blonde shades - both at-home and professional brands. All of the 18 shades in the line up contain a unique blend of tones guaranteed to match and blend in with other shades.

Here is the proof.

My grays are gone in ten minutes. It literally takes me about two minutes to mix the hair color and then three minutes to apply it. I rinse it out after ten minutes, making the entire process 15 minutes. It's so easy! My grays are gone and the color blends in perfectly with my hair.

Next time you need a little touch-up, look for Root Touch-Up by Nice ‘n Easy at your favorite drugstore or mass retailer. The suggested retail price is $7.99, but I always seem to find it for $5.99, which seems to be the regular price at my local Target or the sale price at my CVS store. Can you tell I stock-up?