NARS Audacious Fragrance

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Something unexpected happened this week… I received the most beautiful box and prints. An entire collection of prints captured by NARS’ Founder and Creative Director François Nars. The prints were made as a contrast in dark and light and sensuality; they are breathtaking. Beneath the prints was a brand new fragrance — a first, from NARS.

Audacious Fragrance is François Nars’ first-ever signature fragrance. I am actually surprised that it took this long for him to launch a fragrance, but it was worth the wait.

NARS Audacious Fragrance

Audacious Fragrance was designed in partnership with Olivia Giacobetti whom is known for her “nose”. The scent was created as a study of contrasts, where light meets dark and sensuality meets individuality.

The bottle is stunning; it is sleek and sexy. It is heavy.

NARS Audacious Fragrance
NARS Audacious Fragrance
NARS Audacious Fragrance

The fragrance itself consists of top notes of White Frangipani and smoke of incense with Tiare flower and Sandalwood. It is described as a scent “to arouse an aura that is uniquely minimal, modern, and unexpected.It is the embodiment of audacity. Provocative. Evocative. An eau to expression.”

I feel that it is a beautifully warm and seductive scent that is not overpowering whatsoever. It has a bit of musk in the base notes and that gets me every time.

I am not someone who reaches for a fragrance that often because I don’t want to smell like I am wearing perfume. I just want to smell nice. Audacious Fragrance does not have you smelling like you are wearing a perfume or fragrance, but it does leave you wondering why you are smelling so nice and subtly sexy.

Buy NARS Audacious Fragrance for $180 at, at NARS Boutiques, and specialty department stores like Nordstrom.


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